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Share Internet Connection using Wireless (Ubuntu 11.10)

I was trying to share my Internet connection to other computers in my home using my Wireless, but I got and Loop issue (Connection Established/Disconnected). 
I get connected to Internet in my Laptop through the Ethernet Card,  so the only way that I have for sharing the Internet to the other computers is using my Wireless Card. I use Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome 3.0. The steps I had to follow are these:

  • Get connected to Internet through the Ethernet Port. :)
  • At the top right of your desktop you can configure the network settings. 

  • In the Network Settings windows displayed, you have to press the button "Start Hotspot". The wireless must be ON. In my case Hotspot is already started.

  • The next step is to configure the settings (SSID, Password, etc.). The SSID is the name of the network, the other computers will see this name. I have selected "Virus Maligno" for the SSID and my password is ************* ;).

  • This step is important to solve the loop issue (Connection Established/Disconnected). For IPv6, we have to select Ignore in the Method. This is caused by IPv6 because is trying to start "sharing" the connection as well. Sharing for IPv6 isn't supported.

  • The last and also important step to solve the loop issue, is to run this command: sudo killall dnsmasq
After following the steps above I was able to share my Lan Internet Connection through the wireless (AdHoc) to other computers.

For more information about the loop problem you can look at:
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